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PYRO Sensor
Pyro Box Compact (Read more)

Estimating Pedestrian traffic on sidewalks and intersections

Evaluating traffic on multi-user trails, waterfronts and

Understanding and enhancing the value of commercial
pedestrian traffic (footfall)

Identifying peak hour traffic. More photos
Ptyro Box Compact
Technical Specifications:

Dimensions : 23 x 10 x 18 cm (9 x 3.9 x 7 inches)

Weight : 2,6 kg (5.9 lb)

Operating temperature : -40°C - +50 °C (-40°F to 120°F)

Waterproof : IP 68

Material : Shockproof polyurethane

Color : grey (others may be available on request)

Range: up to 15 m/50'
Urban Post

All-inclusive, non-distinguishing pedestrian and bicycle counter

Specifically designed to blend into the urban environment

Very resistant and discreet

Ultra robust for protection against any vandalism

Mounting system requires minimal engineering work

Color can be adapted to match specific urban environments
Technical Specifications:

Dimensions: h : 100 cm (3.3'), Ø 14cm/5.5in

Weight: < 20 kg (<44 lb)

Operating Temperature: -40°C to +50 °C (-40°F to 120°F)

Waterproof: IP 66

Material: Galvanized steel and PVC

Color: Grey ((others may be available on request)

Range: Up to 15/50'
Pyro post
Pyro Post

System especially adapted for:

Highly eroded or very hard ground

Temporary counting: equipment can be moved easily

Pedestrian counting on snowy ground

Mixed traffic counting (Pedestrians, Bikers, Inline skaters)

Urban counting: Evaluating trends. More photos
Technical Specifications:

Battery life of the logger : 10 years

Temperature : -40 ºC to + 50 ºC (- 40 ºF to 122 ºF)

Waterproof : IP 68 (immersion or total permanent humidity)

Minimum sensitivity : 1°C difference between the body
and outdoor temperature
Pyro Column (for the pyro lens)

System designed for counting INSIDE BUILDINGS (tourism
offices, historic monuments, churches, info centers, shops, etc.)

No installation required : the PYRO COLUMN is simply placed on the floor. Its position must be chosen carefully.

The PYRO COLUMN should be placed on the side of a one metre wide passage for a single sensor column, and in the centre of a passage for a double sensor column (two pyros facing opposite directions).
pyro column
Technical Specifications:

Size : Dimensions = 13 x 13 cm 5.1 x 5.1 in) / Height = 73 cm (28.7 in) / Footprint of a base on the floor = 30 x 30 cm (11.8x11.8 in)

Weight : 7 kg (15.4 lb)

Material : Black varnish wood

Installation : Directly on the floor (even on uneven floors ; adjustable pads)

Secure access to the logger : Flap locked with a key
For Acoustic SLAB Sensor
Asphalt kit

For installations in urban environments (e.g. pavement), we have formulated a mixture of recycled rubber and gravel that imitates asphalt but retains the flexibility required for accurate counting. This mixture is prepared on site when the SLABS are installed. A special detailed manual is available upon request.

Floating SLAB (more photos)

For counting installations in an urban environment, we propose a floating SLAB option for discrete installations on any type of hard surfacing (asphalt, concrete, etc).

The SLAB can be covered by any type of material.
A foam seal running around the slab provides the elasticity required for counting.

Honeycomb coating (more photos)

The "honeycomb" coating installed directly on the SLAB in the factory gives good results in the following situations :

Hard ground : the honeycomb is covered by only 1 cm (0,4 in), thus transmitting the entire pressure of the footstep. (Use the floating SLAB for very hard ground)

Unstable ground, the sand or gravel lodge in the honeycomb structure and prevent it from becoming exposed.
asphalt kit
floating slab
honeycomb coating
The Netbook is a miniature computer with a 10' screen, which allows data collection from counters with a Bluetooth connection. The embedded software Eco-Link directly transmits the data to the analyzis platform Eco-Visio. It is also able to change the sensor's settings.
Essential for collecting the data thanks to its Bluetooth link, it is a miniature computer that integrates many functions : diary, calculator, adresse book, integrated keyboard, etc.
Magnetic Key
To bring the logger out of standby mode and reset the screen of the logger.
Extra Cable
extra cable
Each sensor is supplied with 4 meters (13 ft) of cable.
Possibility of extension up to 10 m (33 ft) when placing an order.
Additional Products
manhole rainbird
Rainbird Manhole or B125 for urban installations

Manhole prepared at the factory upon request

The Netbook and Eco-Link software

Extra batteries