Customer Alliances

Laboratory research is not enough to validate the reliability of a counting system. Field tests are the only way to know if a material/system is ready to be produced in large quantities. As you probably know, there is nothing stronger than Mother Nature. We like to include partner clients in this delicate stage.
Perros Guirec, France
Perros Guirec
The highest density of Eco-Counters in the world.

This is where Eco-Counters were born before they were affered all around the world. Today, we carry out many of our tests there on the "Sentier des douaniers". For instance, we sometimes install two counters at the same point and compare the results. Thus, we can analyse the different technologies and improve them.
Barcelona, Spain
BCN Ecologia, a new reference in understanding urban pedestrian mobility.

The city of Barcelona has been involved for a long time in a process to promote better mobility for bikes and pedestrians. After applying the biodiversity principle to urban activities, the city is now modelling pedestrian traffic . The challenge might seem out of reach; predicting the variations in pedestrian behaviour in relation to infrastructure. Pavement length, tunnels, traffic light timing, weather, everything is taking in account.

We are proud to be involved in this project by providing new counting solutions that are a key factor in this study. The number of counting points has to be as high as possible to obtain reliable data. Up to 8 counters are installed at one intersection.
Barcelona, Spain
Québec, Canada
Québec, Canada Centre de la nature du Mont Saint-Hilaire
Centre de la nature du Mont Saint-Hilaire – Université Mc Gill

We are now working with the Centre de la nature du Mont Saint-Hilaire to test our new generation of pyroelectric sensors. This partnership allows us to benefit from the managers' knowledge of this exceptional site. Just south of Montreal, Mont Saint-Hilaire gives the chance to urban dwellers to enjoy outdoor activities at only a few minutes away. The unique beauty of the site attracts visitors from all over the region all year long.

The unique biodiversity of the site had prompted UNESCO to include it in it's MAB program that illustrates the well-balanced management between promotion objectives and protection objectives. Mc Gill University has been the owner of Mont St-Hilaire since 1957.