Eco-Combo GSM Telemetry

Eco-Combo GSM features a compact modem integrated in the logger.
How does it work ?
Using the GSM mobile phone network, the Eco-GSM modem automatically sends the daily counts to the Eco-Visio platform.
Eco-GSM modem automatically
Why use telemetry ?
It allows one to radically reduce operation costs by accessing data without leaving the office. Any problems can also be detected virtually in real-time for better monitoring, thanks to the Eco-Alert service provided.
Remote locations that are hard to access.

Crucial sites to allow a daily monitoring of the data.

Projects in a large geographic area.
Service Subscription
The Eco-Combo GSM modem is a complete solution. SIM cards and management of the accounts with our GSM network partners are included in the subscription.
Data Transmission
The data is automatically transferred every day to the Eco-Visio platform using the GSM network (GPRS). In the case of bad transmission or no connection to the network, data will be automatically sent the next day (Up to 80 days back).
Additional Features
Email alert when a problem is suspected or there are significant changes in the data.

Data backup.

Data sharing through a network of users using the Eco-Visio platform.