Eco-Tracking in an innovative and customizable solution for analyzing site visitor attendance. Eco-Tracking combines conventional qualitative field survey methods with the use of a GPS system to obtain information on visitor flows within outdoor sites and analyze how these sites are used by visitors.

Conventional field survey: determine visitor profiles

Group composition

Geographic origin

User type

Site attendance, etc.

Eco-Tracking: understand site usage

Link visitor profiles to their usage of the site

Evaluate the time spent on the site according to the sports/activities practiced

Measure flows of visitors on the site

Locate dwelling points and average dwelling times

Identify and rank routes typically taken by visitors

Define areas where the presence of visitors is disruptive to the flora and fauna
Locate dwell points and average dwell times
Measure flows of visitors on the site

Did you know?

When combined with GPS receivers and qualitative surveys, permanent Eco-Counters help you monitor attendance over the long term.