At the edge of innovation

Eco-Combo is an innovative and versatile counter that can differentiate various modes of transportation (bikes, horses, motor vehicles, canoes, etc.). The customizable system consists of sensors that utilize various technologies to detect a specific user type. Each user type detected is managed by Smart Connect, an intelligent system that sorts users by category.

Multi- user


Eco-Combo : the intelligent logger
Eco-Combo is the result of several years of Research & Development and is compatible with the whole Eco-Counter range. This intelligent logger collects, stores and transmits the data - via a Bluetooth or GSM connection - directly to the online data management platform Eco-Visio.
The logger can be simultaneously connected to several different sensors, and is able to manage and individually store the data coming from each channel (in/out), of each sensor.

The Smart Connect is an intelligent interface between the sensor and the Eco-Combo when several sensors are combined. This interface is able to sort the data coming from different sensors.
The Smart Connect combines them, checks their integrity and consistency, and is able to give an interpretation of the result, in order to classify the different user types.