Eco-Visio is specifically designed by Eco-Counter for compiling and analyzing pedestrian and cyclist data.
A Personal or Global Platform
Online software solution (Cloud Computing), available over the web

Manage: all your counting sites available at a glance

Centralize: all the counting data is properly archived and classified

Analyze: data is immediately available for any kind of report analysis

Share: rights management allows partners to exchange data

Communicate: edit regular reports to build up your internal and external communication over the counting data
Customized Reports
Create your own customized working space and edit professional reports in just a few clicks.
Custom-tailored templates, specifically designed for your needs, are available on request.
Managing Data
A monitoring system provides a means of centralizing data from manual and automatic counts and from various sources. Eco-Visio is the tool for compiling and analyzing this data.

Compare data from different counting points (parking lots, orientation tables, main and side trails, etc.).

Integrate external data (number of nights spent in mountain huts, number of visitors at tourist information offices).

Check the effectiveness of signs and markers and gauge the popularity of new fixtures and amenities.

Measure visitor attendance in protected areas during nesting seasons.

Anticipate erosion.

Measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns or onsite events.

Build a visitor attendance forecast calendar, etc.
National Database

Eco-Visio has been designed with the ability to create and handle a national database by collecting, validating and analyzing data from any counter.
Eco-Visio compiles the data from more than 3,000 counters distributed among 145 local authorities for UK's Nationalal Database.
Public Web Page

The Public Web Page is an easy way to share your data with the public and other stakeholders. The counting data can be published on a dedicated web page for easy access by your website users.
Public Web Page +

Public Web Page + allows you to compare and display the data of several counting points on the same webpage.
Widget Counter

A small Widget Counter can be integrated into your website or PC to communicate the number of pedestrians or cyclists using your
network. The widget is updated once a day.