Pyro Box Compact

Using the patented Eco-Counter Pyroelectric Sensor, the Pyro Box Compact is a reliable solution for counting pedestrians and cyclists. The box is vandal-proof and can be installed temporarily or permanently. Independent studies have verified the accuracy of the system, even in high traffic conditions.
How does it work?
The PYRO sensor uses a combination of passive infrared pyroelectric technology and a high precision lens to detect a change in the detected temperature when a person passes in the range of the sensor. Thanks to its extremely high sensitivity, the sensor can detect two different people with only a small gap between them. The sensor is self-calibrating for a simple installation.
Self-contained non-distinguishing pedestrian and bicycle counter

Specifically designed for the urban environment

Can be installed in a few minutes on any existing post

Barely visible in the urban environment

Resistant to vandalism

Works in all weather conditions

Can easily be moved between multiple counting locations
Technical Characteristics

Features & Benefits

Valuable trends over time

Pedestrian and fast bicycle detection

Bidirectional detection

Non-intrusive technology

No permission needed for installation

No maintenance

High autonomy: 10 year

battery life

2 year data storage


Range up to 15m / 50'

Hourly or 15 min recording intervals


Dimensions: :
23 x 10 x 18 cm
(9 x 3.9 x 7 inches)

Weight :
2,6 kg (5.9 lb)

Operating température :
-40°C - +50 °C (-40°F to 120°F)

Waterproof : IP 66

Shockproof polyurethane

Color :
Grey (others may be available
on request)

Up to 15m/50'
Pyro Box Compact
Examples of installation
Wide Sidewalks

The PYRO-Box is able to count pedestrians on wide sidewalks, up to 15m / 50'.
Multi-Users Paths

The PYRO-Box, as a multi-purpose counting system, is perfect for counting pedestrians and cyclists on multiuser paths. The sensor can detect the heat of a cyclist's body, even if riding fast.
Flexible Street Width

On Grafton Street, Dublin, Ireland, a PYRO-Box allows planners to monitor pedestrian traffic on Dublin's most important shopping street on a 15m/50' wide path.
Multiple Counting Points

The City of Nantes (France) with a population of 300 000 has installed 15 PYRO-Box (10 permanent and 5 mobile) to monitor pedestrian traffic in the city center.
Automatic Data Transmission
GSM Alerts

Daily Data Tansmission

Eco-Visio Compliant

Data Backup