Preliminary Study

At Eco-Counter, we call upon our solid experience and knowhow to assist you with every step of the way.
Preliminary Analysis
Help identify the needs and objectives of your counting project

Select the most appropriate counting technology and sites

Help validate counts to ensure accurate data collection
Selection of Sites
Selecting the site of counters
This key step requires:

A good knowledge of the premises

A precise definition of counting expectations

One or several on-site visits with a measuring tape
and camera.
How to Proceed:

For a single simple installation the local distributor will advise you either by phone or by visiting the site with you. It is also possible to make a recommendation based on pictures and exchanged in formation. Installing a larger fleet (more than 5) will require more time and it proves often useful to sub contract with professionals.

Few tips:

Choose a major axis of the path, ideally a place that walkers cannot avoid

Precisely list the crossroads in order to decide where the most appropriate place to install the counters is

Avoid places where people can walk several times (parking lots,bathrooms), or where they can congregate (lookout points, notice boards etc...)

Choose a path where people walk as normally as possible

Place preference on arrow paths for more cost effective and precise counting. Ideally choose a place where people walk in a single line

Keep discretion in mind when retrieving data (logger can be hidden as far as 4m away from the sensors)

Choose firm ground for slabs, and keep rains periods in mind (will it be muddy, erosive)

Location can vary according to season : for instance a path narrowed with a plant can become larger in winter time

Control the exact wdith of the path where counters will be installed before placing the final order
Validation of Sites
A Validated site is a successfully monitored site .

For installations in natural environments, please refer to the supplied user manual ( sent upon request).

For installations in urban environments, especially for the ZELT loop on busy streets, we can assist you during the first stage, we are able to validate the site from a photo and prvide appropriate dimensions. Potential interferences must also be checked, using a specific tool.

Please contact us for assistance.