Pyroelectric Sensor

How it Works ?
The PYRO sensor uses a combination of passive infrared pyroelectric technology and a high precision lens to detect a change in the detected temperature when a person passes in the range of the sensor. Thanks to its extremely high sensitivity, the sensor can detect two different people with only a small gap between them. The sensor is self-calibrating for simple installation.
Technical Characteristics

Valuable trends over time
Pedestrian and fast bicycle detection
Bidirectional detection
Non-intrusive technology
No permission needed for installation
No maintenance
High autonomy: 10 year battery life
2 year data storage
Range up to 15m / 50'
Hourly or 15 min. recording intervals





A multi-purpose sensor for monitoring all types of adventure sports: The PYRO sensor is able to count many types of users: pedestrians, cyclists (MTBs, racing cycles), horseback riders, kayakers, snowmobiles, skiers, etc.
Pedestrians and cyclists

The PYRO sensor is perfectly suited to trails shared by pedestrians and cyclists. All users, even fast-movingmountain bikes, are counted using a special algorithm.
Horseback riders

When installed at a height of 2.7 m (8'10"), the PYRO sensor can be used to count horseback riders and thus identify which trails require priority grooming.

The PYRO sensor can be installed along a river to count visitors or, as shown here (Müritz National Park, Germany), to measure the impact of canoe traffic on waterways used by migrating fish.
Cross-country skiers, ski tourists, snowshoers, snowmobilers

From the Alps to the Arctic Circle, the PYRO sensor can be adjusted for any winter sport. The PYRO-Zoom can cover the entire width of cross-country skiing trails (Finland). It can also be used to evaluate the impact of off-trail skiing on grouse montain (the Pyrenees), measure the popularity of skiing trails (the Alps) or adjusted to detect fast-moving snowmobiles.
Additional products
bornePyro pyro
PYRO Column for indoor counting
A sensor for any situation

The PYRO sensor has an IP 68 rating and is designed to blend in with its outdoor surroundings. Delivered with or without a housing, it can be concealed inside a dry stone wall or wooden post.

Hidden in the environment

Lodged in the bark of a tree, the PYRO sensor blends in perfectly with the surrounding environment. The logger is installed inside a housing hidden in the ground.

Mountable on any surface

The PYRO sensor can be mounted on any surface (backs of trail signs, inside existing wooden posts, inside trail markers, etc.) to be hide it from view.
Inside a wooden post

In an all-in-one post

Eco-Counter also manufactures all-in-one posts consisting of a sensor and counting system. This solution eliminates the need for a housing and is ideal for semi-permanent counting or rocky soil.