The Eco-TOTEM helps communities develop their cycling infrastructure by displaying real-time cyclist counts on a given cycling path.
Eco-TOTEM is an effective and prominent tool that can help make cyclists a visible part of the urban landscape.

Eco-Signal for Public Awareness Campaigns
Bicycle and pedestrian counting systems can provide the basis for public outreach on non-motorized transportation issues and can help justify new infrastructure investments.
Val-de-Marne, France

As part of the 'Active Transportation on Campus' program, our ZELT system was installed to count the number of students cycling to school and to promote the use of bicycle as a method of transportation.
Vancouver, Canada

In Vancouver, on the Burrard Bridge, removing a lane for motorists and replacing it by a bike lane was a real challenge. By installing our ZELT loops, the City was able to collect reliable cyclist counts and use this to create a campaign proving the effectiveness of the lane conversion.