ZELT inductive loops

How does it Work ?
Permanent or Semi-permanent
> 6 months

Eco-Counter's unique and patented ZELT Inductive Loop technology has been continually improved by our Research and Development Team for over 5 years. The ZELT loop precisely analyzes the electromagnetic signature of each bicycle wheel, with 13 differentiation criteria. Its unique algorithm allows an extreme precision in any configuration (shared road, bicycle boulevard, etc.)
Available in 2 different versions :
Greenways : counts bicycles on dedicated paths, very accurate even for groups
Selective : identifies bicycles among other traffic
Did you know?

With the ZELT CONNEX OPTION, it is possible to connect the ZELT directly to any traffic management system.
Technical Specifications




Battery Powered

Selective counting on shared roads
Precise for groups of cyclists
Battery powered (1 to 2 years)
Bidirectional detection
Invisible installation
No maintenance
Installation in any type of soil
2 year data storage
Installation Examples
Shared Roads: ZELT Selective
Monitors bicycles on roads in mixed traffic (bicycle lanes, shared bicycle/bus lanes)

Ignores motorized vehicles (scooters, motorbikes, cars, buses etc.)

Counts only bicycles, even in heavy traffic

High accuracy on shared roads (over 95% of bicycles detected)

Shared Lanes

The ZELT Selective Loop can be used to accurately count bikes on shared bicycle/bus/taxi/lanes. This type of system is installed in front of the Louvre, in Paris.


In San Francisco, several bidirectional counters have been installed to monitor contra-flow cycling.
Groups of Cyclists: ZELT Greenways

Monitors bicycles on dedicated bicycle lanes and greenways

Counts bikes riding side-by-side or closely following each other

Extreme sensitivity (accuracy +/- 5%)

Allows use conflict management
Permanent or Semi-permanent
> 6 months

Groups of Cyclists

The ZELT Greenways has been designed to count groups of cyclists on bicycle boulevards. This system is used in Ottawa, where more than 11000 cyclists per week bicycle on the Laurier Bike Lane.

Groups of Cyclists

The ZELT Greenways has been designed to count groups of cyclists on greenways and bicycle boulevards. Around Annecy Lake, this system counts up to 10,000 cyclists per day.

Heavy Bike Traffic

The ZELT Greenways is commonly used in the Netherlands, where bike traffic is often heavy.
For temporary counting (1 to 6 months)

For specific configurations (bridges…)

Easy and quick installation (30 min per loop)
No engineering work

Safe and non-intrusive sensor

Sensor is flush with the ground
In Vancouver, Easy ZELT has withstood the passage of more than 1 million cyclists in one year.
< 6 months
Mountain bike

Several ZELT loops installed on MTB trails in Brittany allow the local authority to know exactly how many mountain bikes are using the trails. This data is of huge importance for anticipating erosion and enhancing the cyclist safety.
Promote Bicycle Tourism

Whether installed on greenway networks or MTB trails, counters are the first step in evaluating the economic impact of adventure sports. Count data logged by ZELT electromagnetic loops are used in a number of departments in France to accurately and meaningfully assess the touristic, economic and social benefits of this type of tourism.
Pre-Formed Loop

The ZELT Pre-Formed loop is a classic ZELT Loop to be installed in soft soils.
The stranded cable of the preformed Loop is protected by an outer sheath to maintain the diamond shape in all types of ground.