Since 1997, Eco-Counter has developed unique and innovative solutions to count pedestrians and cyclists. Although knowing the numbers is the end goal, the system we use depends on the site - counting pedestrians downtown is quite different from counting them on mountain trails. This is why we have created specific products for the diverse environments that our clients work in.

velo eco counter

Active transportation

Eco-Counter systems are highly adaptable and can be set up on any type of urban cycling facility. Both our mobile and permanent counting systems can measure cyclists in mixed-traffic, on bike lanes and on dedicated bicycle paths. They can also analyze the flow of cyclists and pedestrians in and out of major hubs and facilities.

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centre ville

Downtown management

Eco-Counter systems are designed for cities. Made out of vandal resistant materials, they can be color customized to maximize integration with existing street fixtures. Most importantly, our systems accurately count pedestrian flow and measure their direction of travel.

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Parks and recreation

Eco-Counter systems are used to measure pedestrian use of urban parks around the world. Our systems are available in a range of design options, each of which can be color customized. Regardless of the landscaping and design of your park, there is an Eco-Counter that will integrate seamlessly.

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Sentiers randonnee

Natural areas

The original Eco-Counters were designed specifically for natural areas. Our systems are robust, waterproof, battery-powered, completely invisible, and capable of uploading data automatically via the cellular network. Eco-Counter provides the perfect solution for measuring demand on your trail system.

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Bicycle tourism

For monitoring bicycles on greenways and bicycle tourism routes, Eco-Counter has developed a family of reliable counters that are quick to deploy, making installation simple. Our systems are battery-operated and require very little maintenance. They also integrate well with all types of facilities: hard or soft surface, dedicated to bicycles or mixed-use.

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Indoor counting

Eco-Counter's indoor counting systems are highly mobile, accurate and battery-operated. What's more, they can be installed in minutes. They are the perfect solution for monitoring people traffic both permanently and temporarily and are a popular option for large events. Our indoor systems are innovative and unique - there's no other product like it.

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