• Custom-design
  • Mobile or permanent
  • Easy to transport and install
  • Light, compact and robust
  • Vandal proof

Mobile Bike Count Display Eco-Display


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System Overview

The Eco-DISPLAY Compact combines one of Eco-Counter's bicycle counting systems with a portable, real-time display. The interactive display encourages cycling by communicating to cyclists that they count; it is a perfect solution for promoting ride-to-work or bike-to-school campaigns.

The system displays both daily and cumulative bike counts. The Eco-DISPLAY Compact system can be installed permanently when connected to a 12V power supply and our ZELT bike counting system. The Eco-DISPLAY Compact also comes in a mobile version that includes a battery that holds a six-day charge. The mobile version is compatible with our permanent ZELT counter as well as our portable TUBE counter (suggested).


  • Mobile - simple installation
  • Light and compact
  • Customizable display 
  • Robust and vandal-proof
  • Highly accurate on all bike facilities



Mobile for short-term Campaigns

The City of Seligenstadt, Germany chose the Eco-DISPLAY Compact for its mobility. This mobile, real-time display is used in conjunction with Eco-Counter's pneumatic TUBE counter. The entire system (display and counter) is easy to move from one location to the next. Seligenstadt uses the Eco-DISPLAY Compact to help promote everyday cycling throughout different parts of the city.

eco display-rostock

Improve safety for cyclists

The City of Rostock, Germany permanently installed an Eco-DISPLAY Compact to promote and encourage cycling in the city. The display can also improve cycling safety by informing drivers that a road is frequently used by cyclists. The system was supported by the European Union within the framework of the ABC (Access By Cycling) Multimodal Project.


  Available with solar power

To benefit from maximum autonomy, the Eco-DISPLAY Compact is also available wth solar power and wireless transmission between the sensor detecting bicycles and the display.


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Dimensions: 75 cm x 51 cm x 5 cm

Weight: 8 kg

Operating Temperature: -30 °C / +50 °C

Waterproofness: IP 55

Material: Aluminium and polycarbonate LEXAN® Margard frame, shock-resistant

7 digit white LED display for real time and yearly counts

Automatic adjustment to ambient light levels

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The Eco-DISPLAY Compact has been used to promote cycling in many places, including Rostock, Lyon, Hackney, Hastings and Zurich.

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