Holacracy at Eco-Counter, 1 – The Context

I begin this article series to share with you a new adventure that we are living here at Eco-Counter, the implementation of Holacracy!

A little more than one year ago, we decided to make the company  grow with an important first acquisition – Quantaflow, the premier French specialist in shopping center indoor counting.

This acquisition had two immediate consequences. First, the number of employees increased from 80 to 100 people. Second, the acquisition created a new role for me as I devote myself to this exciting new challenge.

I decided to entrust Enrico Durbano – previously Sales Manager – as the General Manager of Eco-Counter. Following this change, Enrico left for a few weeks to #INSEAD for the “Transition to General Management” training program.

With this new position, Enrico faced an important question: how should we manage the business to ensure the core values of kindness, autonomy, transparency and workplace happiness remain central, while continuing to make the business grow?

The answer is the implementation of Holacracy, a cultural movement towards structured, sustainable, ‘liberated’ companies. We are proud to participate in Holacracy and are excited to share with you in this article series where the movement has taken us!

Author: Christophe Milon

Founder and president of Inventix Group, Eco-Counter’s holding.

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