COVID-19: During these exceptional times, we are here to help you understand how the pandemic – and temporary infrastructure, popups and social distancing measures in response – is impacting walking and biking in your area. Get in touch to talk about your project, and explore our new interactive dashboard tracking how bike counts have changed over the past few months.

Pedestrianization – a data-driven approach in Kelowna, Canada
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Across North America, planners, downtown managers and health experts have been working tirelessly to reinvent our public space for social distancing (...)
From pilot to permanent: the case of the Burrard Bridge…
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In this month’s blog post, we are going to step back in time to look at one of our favorite projects ever, the Burrard Bridge bike lane project (...)
Temporary and pop-up bike-ped infrastructure: measure impact and make it…
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In order to give more space to pedestrians and cyclists during the COVID-19 pandemic, many cities have begun to deploy temporary and pop-up active (...)
COVID-19 : using count data to understand changing bike and…
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In the past few weeks, governments around the world have taken drastic actions to slow the spread of COVID-19. During this time, count data has taken (...)
COVID-19: the evolution of bicycle and pedestrian activity following containment…
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At this time, it is estimated that more than one billion people around the world are confined, or isolated, due the Coronavirus pandemic. The (...)
Introducing our partnership with IMBA and the Trails Count Grant…
We are really excited to announced a new partnership for this year with IMBA, the International Mountain Bicycling Association. The partnership will (...)
Introducing data reconstruction – the case of the blocked bike…
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A few months ago, I had to take a detour on my bike commute to work at the Eco-Counter office in Montreal. On my usual route, a three block section (...)

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