COVID-19: During these exceptional times, we are here to help you understand how the pandemic – and temporary infrastructure, popups and social distancing measures in response – is impacting walking and biking in your area. Get in touch to talk about your project, and explore our new interactive dashboard tracking how bike counts have changed over the past few months.

Counting mountain bike trail users in Quebec
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Even before this year, mountain biking was growing in popularity. Then came COVID-19, which resulted in many bike shops running out of bikes and an (...)
Unveiling the 2019 Worldwide Cycling Index!
Data Visualization
Today is the day we unveil the 5th Worldwide Cycling Index, a global analysis we are leading since 2014 on all our bicycle counters installed in the (...)
Eco-Counter awarded VELOSYMPATIQUE (bike friendly) Gold status!
Today, we are very proud to announce that Eco-Counter’s Montreal office has been awarded VELOSYMPATIQUE (bike friendly) Gold status, recognizing (...)
Celebrating World Bicycle Day
Events News Press review
From Bike Month to Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day to Bike to Work Day, there are already a lot of reasons to celebrate cycling. In 2018, the United (...)
Trail focus: the Napa Valley Vine Trail
Counting Projects News
California sunshine, spectacular scenery, world-class wine, a beautiful pedestrian and bike trail – The Napa Valley Vine Trail has it all (...)
How They Use It #1 – Kevin Stefan & the…
Counting Projects Planner Resources
Today, we are starting a new series here on the Eco-Counter blog. Over the next few months, a collection of posts titled ‘How They Use (...)
Introducing a whole new look for Eco-Counter
Today, we are pleased to share with you Eco-Counter’s fresh new look! One year in the making, our new website, branding and logo aim to improve (...)

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