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Each year, Eco-Counter recruits between four and seven employees in the following fields: International Trade Development, IT (Java/HTML) and Research and Development, specifically in onboard electronics, project management, and electronics manufacturing.

Technical Support Specialist

Montréal • CDI

Responsibilities include but are not limited to: – Developing long-lasting relationship with clients – Troubleshooting technical problems – Delivering solutions to clients – Training and assisting clients – Installing equipment – Tracking issues in CRM software...

Les autres offres du groupe Quanteo

Assistant·e de direction

Lannion • CDI

Profil :  Vous réunissez avez avant tout un cocktail d’énergie/rigueur/envie de variété  Vous êtes à l’aise avec la nécessité d’être réactif  Votre qualité de contact humain facilite les relations en interne ou en externe  Une formation supérieure dans le domaine de la communication/marketing ou ...

DRH dans une entreprise du top 50 Great Place to Work

Lannion • CDI

L’entreprise Quanteo Group est l’un des leaders mondiaux du comptage des personnes présent dans 50 pays. Constituée par Eco Compteur et Quantaflow, elle conçoit, fabrique et vend une chaine technologique complète du capteur au logiciel d’analyse de données aux parcs naturels, aux villes et ...

Account Manager (H/F)

Honfleur • CDD

Description synthétique Le ou l’Account manager fait parler les chiffres. Sa méthodologie de travail se décompose de la manière suivante : Se documenter sur son sujet d’étude ; Mettre en place la méthodologie de l’étude et industrialiser le processus Traiter les données reçues, les a...

Account Manager Junior (H/F)

Honfleur • CDD

Dans le cadre de l’amélioration de sa relation clients, Quantaflow propose un stage d’Account Manager Junior. L’account manager est l’interface qui concrétise la relation entre l’entreprise et les clients, il veille au bon accomplissement des services proposés par l’entreprise. Sous la responsabi...

Our HR Policy

Eco-Counter has recently embarked on the path of ‘a liberated company’, an approach that aims to increase the autonomy and happiness of employees.

The ‘liberated company’ methodology builds on the concept of ‘peoplelogy’. In the same way that ecology designates nature and the environment as a prerequisite for any development project, ‘peoplelogy’ involves making every project and every decision a good one for employees as a whole.

This new approach has been well received, earning Eco-Counter the Collaborative Management Award from Leader’s League, in addition to the Benevolent Company SME prize from France’s Trophées PME Bougeons-Nous RMC. In 2017, Eco-Counter was recognised as a Top 50 Best Companies to work for in France, according to the international organization Great Place to Work.

One of the very first applications of ‘peoplelogy’ is transparency and sharing. At Eco-Counter, all employees know the impact of their role in the company and how they individually can make the business progress. Each new employee, for example, immediately participates in a monthly coordination and strategy meeting in the presence of team leaders.

To succeed with this policy, Eco-Counter must continuously grow, thrive and adapt, which is why we pay particular attention to the recruitment of our employees. If you too have that particular flair – combining the high level of professional demand required in a world-class SME with deep respect for your colleagues – join us!

An internship at Eco-Counter

Benefit from the experience of working at a technological, international and friendly company!

The Eco-Counter team is welcoming you for internships in R&D, administration & finance, marketing and software development. Join us now!

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