Why Eco-TOTEM has changed its name in 2017

Why we changed the Eco-TOTEM's name to Eco-DISPLAY Classic

Designed in 2013 to help communities encourage bicycle usage worldwide, our real-time bicycle count display was originally named the Eco-TOTEM. The feedback from the public via our network of thirty distributors speaking over twenty different languages was enthusiastic.  In July 2016, we celebrated the 100th order of this brilliant bike display.

However, an installation in Minnesota, USA inspired advocacy groups and tribal liaisons in the state to voice concern that the use of the word "totem" constituted cultural appropriation. The feeling was that this use of the word did not reflect the true sense of a totem as a sacred symbol of kinship, family and history.

As a global company with clients at the four corners of the Earth, it is important to us that our product name reflects what it really is: technology that informs and encourages each and every member of a community to walk and cycle more.

Although this change has a great impact on our company, we believe that changing the name of our product is the appropriate course of action. Our much-loved innovation is now called the Eco-DISPLAY Classic.

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