• Designed for urban environments
  • TCP/IP connectivity
  • Timestamp (date, time, direction and type of user)
  • Realtime recording
  • OPC-UA/REST Client API




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System Overview

ComEth is Eco-Counter’s advanced data logger specially designed for urban environments. A culmination of Eco-Counter’s cutting-edge research and development, ComEth was created to meet the standards and communication protocols of ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems). Amongst its broad range of features, this system can precisely record and transmit time-stamped count data in real time via an Ethernet connection or mobile network connection

This connectivity makes it easy to remotely carry out maintenance, identify issues, update the system, or make parameter setting changes. ComEth has been designed to interface with Eco-Counter’s most popular sensors, in addition to the Eco-Visio 5 data analysis platform.


  • Designed for the urban environment
  • Compatible with Eco-Counter’s most popular sensors
  • Ethernet and Cellular 3G/4G connectivity
  • Real-time recording via a built-in API
  • Configurable data transmission and logging intervals


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Accurate and reliable pedestrian & bicycle counters interconnected with ITS

With the release of Eco-Counter’s ComEth, it is now possible to directly transfer data from Eco-Counter sensors to traffic management data servers with a high-degree of customization (including timestamping of passages and configurable transmission intervals). For the first time, it is possible to benefit from the world’s most popular pedestrian and bicycle counters in traffic management systems, using integrated ITS protocols.


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Local recording, maximum connectivity

ComEth has an internal memory that allows local recording in real time of up to 120,000 counts. Maximized connectivity (Ethernet, WIFI, 3G/4G) and the use of standardized communication protocols (notably a JSON/REST-based built-in API) allows for synchronization between bike-ped counters and the most advanced traffic management tools.

This connectivity works both ways – system maintenance, sensor configuration, and firmware updates can be performed remotely.

EDC Plus Izmir.1sq

‘Green waves’ or real-time information panels for users

The ComEth interface allows users to synchronize the detection of bicycles or pedestrians with traffic lights to trigger a "green wave" or communicate traffic news using real-time information panels. ComEth is integrated into our new range of Eco-Display Classic + real-time displays. These high-visibility displays make it possible to display information in the form of dynamic text, in addition to cyclist and pedestrian count data.

2017 Pont Jacques Cartier illumination 17 mai inauguration officielle 1038x576sq

Real-time data for smart cities

Using two MULTI counters capable of counting and differentiating pedestrians and cyclists, the City of Montreal was able to draw upon pedestrian and bicycle count data to illuminate one of the city's iconic landmarks: the Jacques Cartier Bridge. On the occasion of the 375th anniversary since the founding of the city, a luminous installation was unveiled. This is where ComEth comes into play: the data collected by Eco-Counter’s MULTI counters are used in real-time by a ComEth advanced data logger to change the lighting system’s color, depending on the bridge’s pedestrian and bicycle flow. Learn more!


ComEth - 3D display
structure cometh

Internal structure

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cometh avXS

Dimensions: 147 mm x 48 mm x 124 mm

Weight: 650g

Operating Temperature: -40 °C / +85 °C (-40 °F / 185 °F)

Storage Temperature: -50 °C / +125 °C (-58 °F / 257 °F)

Waterproofness: IP31 - the product must be stored inside an IP65 waterproof cabinet

Fixing: 35mm DIN mounting rail (EN50022)

Internal memory: 4 Gb

Additional storage: Port microSD


Connectivity: Ethernet/IP - 3G router (option) - WiFi router (option)

Additional connectivity: 2 USB buses, 1 HDMI bus

Embedded web server

Timestamp (hh:mm:ss)

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The ComEth logger is used in Montreal and Lyon by traffic managers and ITS consultants for interfacing bike-pedestrian count data with traffic management systems.