COVID-19: During these exceptional times, we are here to help you understand how the pandemic – and temporary infrastructure, popups and social distancing measures in response – is impacting walking and biking in your area. Get in touch to talk about your project, and explore our new interactive dashboard tracking how bike counts have changed over the past few months.

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Counting when it counts:

Understand the impact of the pandemic on cycling

In just a few short weeks, the coronavirus pandemic has dramatically changed the way we move. Measures to slow the spread of the virus have reduced human movement in ways unseen in our lifetime. 
In some places, people are rediscovering cycling for the first time since their childhood. Elsewhere, cycling rates are down due to strict confinement measures.
Count data is a key tool to understand how mobility is changing during the pandemic, and this project aims to do just that. Through this interactive dashboard, we will track how counts are changing around the world throughout the COVID-19 pandamic. Over the coming weeks, we will continuously add new regions and different sources of data to the dashboard.
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