Data Expertise

Data Expertise


Custom Reports and Communication Solutions

Do you need help analyzing the data collected by your Eco-Counter? Our experts on staff are ready to lend a hand. Eco-Counter provides a number of services to help you get the most out of your data. Our experts can help:

  • Compare the data from different counters
  • Analyze the impact of special events
  • Provide key figures
  • Determine attendance profiles (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly)
  • Extrapolate data


Communicating your data effectively is incredibly important. Eco-Counter provides a number of standard as well as custom communication solutions: 

  • Development of a standard or detailed report with analysis of one or multiple counters.
  • Creation of a high-impact, personalized report designed for communication with a large public audience and/or key stakeholders.
  • Integration of a widget on your organization’s website that displays daily counts from one or multiple counters.


Eco-Tracking: Study Routes Taken Through Your Site

To better understand route choice, the innovative custom solution links the profile of each visitor with their movements throughout the site. It allows for the development of a hierarchy in route selection. 

Eco-Tracking combines classic methods of qualitative studies with the use of GPS tracking system, to help better understand open-site usage. This solution has multiple purposes, it can help you:

  • Link the profile of each visitor with their movements throughout the site
  • Assess average time spent on site depending of the activity
  • Analyze attendance trends and locating break points
  • Identify a hierarchy in route selection
  • Help preserve fauna and flora by highlighting high-attendance areas


Data Reliability

Our team of database experts can help you organize your data and ensure it is reliable and relevant.  If data gaps or erroneous counts are found,  our experts are capable of reconstructing data.  Our experts are also capable of extrapolating data from a short-term counts.  Data reconstruction and extrapolation techniques typically rely on the data from a local counter that exhibits similar trends to the counter with missing or short-term data.