• Develop custom applications and websites
  • Query the Eco-Visio database
  • Provide public access to pedestrian and bicycle count data






The Eco-Counter API is an interface that allows you to automatically and securely access your count data for the development of custom websites and mobile applications. It is a secured access system for your count data which allows you to retrieve specific count data at any given moment in a variety of standardized formats.


  • Develop custom applications and websites powered by count data and counter information.
  • Query the Eco-Visio database to retrieve the most recent count data at any given moment
  • Provide public access to pedestrian and bicycle count data within the framework of open/public data policies

Customize views and data analyses

This access allows for the development of applications or websites for viewing, analysing and sharing count data outside of our existing Eco-Visio and public access solutions - get more of your data with Eco-Counter’s API.


Analyse PJ

Data integration made easy

  • With our Eco-Counter API, you can provide users with valuable information about cycling and walking and integrate it into an ever-expanding ecosystem of mobility data.
  • You can also use this API to support open data policies, offering count data as an additional dataset on public platforms.
  • The Eco-Counter API replaces our pre-existing FTP data transfer protocol.



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Stress-free access

Review information on count data at any given moment with a high limit (maximum 100 data requests per minute & maximum 5000 data requests per day)

No data storage problems

Easily use your data in web and mobile applications without worrying about data storage. Our Eco-Vision servers are fully backed-up and secure.

Straightforward development standards

Our REST-based API uses the popular JSON format, making the work for your developers faster and easier.

Our offer includes reading access with high voluntary limits, as well as API technical support from our dedicated team.

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