Eco-Visio Maps

Eco-Visio Maps

  • Combine GPS traces with automatic count data
  • Visualize the flow of cyclists throughout the cycling network
  • Integrate multiple datasets to understand the state of cycling in your city
  • Use the free GPS tracking app or get a customized version

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A complete solution for
data-driven management of bicycle networks

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Origin-Destination Matrices

Identify the departure and arrival zones
of cyclists in your city

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Overall Bike Traffic

Map and quantify bicycle traffic
on your network with automatic counts


Speed Map

Visualize the average speed per direction
and per section of the road on your entire network

Eco-Visio Maps: An innovative GIS service for bicycle planning

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Eco-Visio Maps is a data integration and mapping analysis service. It is designed to bring a better understanding of bicycle use to active transportation managers. Thanks to a proprietary software suite, our data scientists can import a wide range of datasets to perform meaningful cartographic analysis.

With Eco-Visio Maps, our data scientists can provide:

  • GPS trace overlay on infrastructure
  • Cyclists flow visualization per network segment (e.g. volume analysis and "desired line" identification)
  • Average speed visualization by direction and by section of the road across your entire network
  • GPS trace extrapolation with count data
  • Origin-destination matrices
  • Shortest, safest and preferred route identification
  • Demographic analyses and behavior variable filtering (e.g. cycling profile, trip purpose, gender)

Complete bicycle traffic data analyses

Eco-Visio Maps allows for the easy integration and correlation of a multitude of bicycle traffic data, such as GPS trace data from user reporting apps or bike share systems, accident data and automatic count data.

  • GPS traces from smartphone apps

Eco-Visio Maps can integrate GPS trace data from most smartphone trip reporting applications, including European Bicycle Challenge, Bike Citizens and Love to Ride.

  • Bike-sharing system data

Bike-sharing systems can provide useful data on bicycle usage, including trip-origin and destination data or GPS trace data for bicycles equipped with GPS trackers. Eco-Visio Maps can integrate such data.

  • Automatic count data

Automatic counters are the principle source of data to accurately measure cycling volumes and their evolution at key locations. Thanks to our expert team and Eco-Visio Maps, it is possible to extrapolate GPS traces with count data for an optimum understanding of cycling on your network.

  • Accident data

Once you have extrapolated GPS traces with your automatic count data, calculate exposure rates by integrating accident data into the platform. Identify areas on your network that would benefit from a safety assessment.

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Our data scientists offer several custom services to improve data collection and analysis, including:

  • GIS analysis : A tailored report with insights on your cycling network (main artery performance, dangerous sections, key improvements recommendation)
  • Automatic counting strategy: Strategy on the selection of locations for automatic counters installation, maintenance of counting sites, and an annual data quality review.

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