Eco-Visio Weather Module - Data Analysis

Eco-Visio Weather Module - Data Analysis

  • Explain Anomalies in Count Data
  • Capture seasonal trends
  • Predict daily and monthly demand
  • Inform infrastructure maintenance practices

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Dig deeper into your count data

The Eco-Visio weather module allows you to overlay site-specific weather data on top of your count data, quickly capturing complex, indepth trends in bike and pedestrian count data.


Explain Anomalies in Count Data

Capture seasonal trends


Predict daily and monthly demand

Inform infrastructure maintenance practices


Our latest Eco-Visio Weather Module features a whole new look and seamlessly integrates into our Eco-Visio 5 data analysis platform. In this new version, a wider variety of weather data points are offered, and data is even more geographically specific! The weather module offers precise, counter-specific meteorological data, including a wide-variety of indicators, such as:


Cloud cover
Wind speed,
gusts & direction
Weather indicators are available on an hourly basis, with the exception for snowfall, where the data represents total daily snowfall. Weather data is updated on a daily basis, and historical weather data is available immediately for all counters. From discreet trail counters on remote mountain trails to ZELT bike counters on downtown bike lanes, precise weather data is available for counters anywhere in the world. Weather data is specific to the location of each counter, and therefore varies across your counting sites!

How do they get the most out of count data
with the Eco-Visio Weather Module


Calgary: using data to track and evaluate weather impacts


The City of Calgary, Canada, uses meteorological data to capture the impact of weather on winter cycling rates. At the Peace Bridge - a popular crossing for commuters - warm temperatures and reduced precipitation had a strong positive impact on cycling demand for the month of November. The following month, with colder than usual temperatures, cycling demand decreased. The city uses this data to track cycling trends, evaluate weather impacts and measure commuting patterns.


A day on 2 wheels in Calgary may 20th 2017 34652830671


Montreal : extreme weather influences bike demand


Montreal experiences a long, cold winter. Montreal's cycling community faces a number of climatic challenges throughout the year, but the greatest challenge is during the cold winter months. Counts taken from an on-street bike lane in the city-center and cross-referenced with local weather data show a clear correlation between bad weather (heavy rainfall and snow, and low temperatures) and a decrease of bike usage.

This relationship between weather and cycling in Montreal has been validated thanks to accurate cycling data and the Eco-Visio weather module.


montreal snow

Houston : high temperatures decrease bike use


In Houston, Texas, the impact of weather is different than in Montreal. Houston experiences extreme heat in the summer with heavy rain. Cycling in these conditions, without shade can be unpleasant and possibly dangerous.

Weather and count data suggests that recreational cycling is more common than commuter cycling. Firstly, weekends and holidays have the highest cycling volume.  Secondly, during the summer months, the peak hourly cycling period coincides with sunrise and sunset, when the temperature is lower and shade is more common.

Houston Graph2


Portland : highly resistant to weather fluctuation


The relationship between weather and bicycle use varies from one city to the next. Cyclists in the region of Portland have adapted exceptionally well to the local winter conditions. The winter cycling retention rate (the proportion of cyclist who ride year-round) in Portland is among the highest in North America.  In the winter, daily cycling volume is not significantly impacted by rain and cold temperatures.

Commuter cyclists in Portland appear undeterred when it comes to rain. This provides fuel for those who claim Portland to be America's Bicycle Capital!


Portland rain2

Activating the new weather module in Eco-Visio involves a one-time fee that covers all users and counters in your domain.


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