MULTI Nature - Multi-Use Counter

MULTI Nature - Multi-Use Counter

  • Differentiates between pedestrians and cyclists
  • Permanent
  • Robust and waterproof IP 68
  • Invisible
  • 2 year battery life

Eco-Multi nature piétons-cyclistes


schema eco-multi piétons-cyclistes-cavaliers

System Overview

Eco-Counter’s MULTI system is an innovative and unique counting system that monitors and differentiates between pedestrians, cyclists, equestrians and ATVs. This system is typically installed permanently and is perfect for obtaining trends over time. The system allows for the analysis of data from multiple user types over consecutive days, weeks, months, seasons or years. This system combines the PYRO, passive infrared, sensor and the ZELT, inductive loop, sensor. An intelligent subsystem, the Smart Connect, analyses the signal from both sensors in order to count and classify each user. The MULTI system is optimized to count large groups of pedestrians, cyclists and other users with high accuracy making it ideal for high-volume multi-use paths.


  • Counts and differentiates between pedestrians and cyclists
  • Measures the direction of travel
  • Turn-key solution
  • Seamless data transmission to our software
  • Battery powered – 2-year battery life
  • Works in all weather conditions


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  Count and Classify Pedestrians and Cyclists

On multi-use paths and trails, it can be valuable to count and differentiate between pedestrians and cyclists since their usage patterns are often quite different. In Arlington, Virginia, fifteen MULTIs monitor pedestrians and cyclists on a network of trails. Cyclists volumes often peak during morning and afternoon rush hour, suggesting a high rate of commuting cyclists. Pedestrian use is constant throughout the week and peaks during weekends, suggesting more recreational use of the network. This rich data helps in managing capital improvements and the maintenance schedule of the trail network.


MULTI Cavalier Cote-dAzur

Count Horseback Riders and ATVs

The MULTI system can be expanded to count and classify horses and/or ATVs in addition to counting pedestrians and cyclists. To count horses, the system uses an additional PYRO sensor set at a height of 2.7 m (9'). The data from an expanded MULTI system gives a full picture of trail use for all user types and can help reduce user conflicts on the trail network.


Czech National Parc MULTI

Designed For Paved and Unpaved Paths

The MULTI integrates two or more sensors into the system. The PYRO sensor is housed in a post at waist height, while the ZELT loop is installed under the surface of the trail. The ZELT pre-formed loop allows the loops to be deployed on unpaved paths. Installation is quick and straightforward. The pre-formed loop is installed 5 cm (2") deep in the ground. The wiring of the preformed loop is protected by an outer sheath that also helps maintain the diamond shape of the loop.

Eco-MULTI Nature on-site installation

Photo Installation Multi Bretagne

Installation Example

Exemple installation multi

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produit eco compteur eco multi nature

Covered width :Up to 6m (19.5')

Battery life : 1 or 2 ZELT loops: 2 years
More than 2 ZELT loops: 1 year

Temperature resistance : -40°C to + 40°C (-40°F to 104°F)

Waterproofness : IP 68

Data backup : 60-minute or 15-minute data recording interval

Memory: 15-minute data recording interval: 330 days
60-minute data recording interval: 640 days


The Greenways MULTI is used to count and differentiate pedestrians and cyclists in order to help in the management and preservation of trails around the world. The Greenways MULTI is by the General Council of Morbihan (France), the Golden Gate National Park (USA), the Metropolitan Park of Santiago du Chili, l'île de la Réunion, the National Park of Bialowieza (Poland).


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