PYRO-Box - People Counter

PYRO-Box - People Counter

  • Permanent or mobile
  • Robust and discreet
  • Range up to 30 m / 98'
  • Automatic data transmission GSM/3G
  • High autonomy: 10 year battery life

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System Overview

The PYRO-Box is an extremely sophisticated and versatile person counting system that is suitable to many applications. The PYRO-Box can count both cyclists and pedestrians in urban and trail environments and can be used for both temporary and permanent installations. Using a PYRO sensor with its passive-infrared , pyroelectric technology and a high-precision lens , the PYRO-Box counts people passing within the range of the sensor by detecting their body temperature. Due to its well-engineered sensor and innovative ORION algorithm,  the PYRO-Box can simultaneously detect two people  walking in a slightly staggered formation. The PYRO-Box is easily moved to various counting locations and the sensor is self-calibrating making for a simple installation


  • Turn-key solution
  • Measures the direction of travel
  • Seamless data transmission to our software
  • Easy installation on any post
  • Battery operated – 10-year battery life
  • Works in all weather conditions
PYRO-Box a Nantes

  Create a Network of Counting Sites

The City of Nantes (France), with a population of 300,000, installed 15 PYRO-Boxes(10 permanent and 5 mobile) to monitor pedestrian traffic in the city center.  With a network of counters, it is possible to determine pedestrian volumes through an entire business district, city center or neighborhood.

PYRO-Box a Grafton Street Dublin Irlande

  Count on Any Type of Street

The PYRO-Box pedestrian monitoring counter is available in a variety of ranges, making it possible to monitor pedestrian volumes on paths, sidewalks of any width, and even wide pedestrian streets.  On Grafton Street in Dublin, a two-sided PYRO-Box with a 20m/65' range allows planners to monitor pedestrian traffic on Dublin's most frequented shopping street.  The PYRO-Box is available in both one-sided and two-sided configurations.

Pyro box use case 3

  Monitor Pedestrians and Cyclists

The PYRO-Box is a multi-purpose counting system. It is a perfect solution for counting pedestrians and cyclists on multi-user paths. The sensor monitors both pedestrians and cyclists by measuring the heat emitted by the user. The system maintains a high level of accuracy when counting cyclists travelling at high speeds.

3D image of the PYRO-Box
pyro box v2

Installation Example 

Exemple installation

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Pyro boxV2 produit

Dimensions: 195 x 110 x 275 mm (7.5 x 4 x 11 inches)

Weight: 2.7 kg (6 lb)

Operating temperature: -40 °C / +55 °C (-40°F to 130°F)

Waterproof: IP 66

Material: Polyamide (30% glass fibre reinforced)

Color: Grey (RAL 7045) - Others may be available on request

Range: Up to 30 m (98’)


The PYRO-Box is used to monitor pedestrian traffic in the city centers around the world, including Nantes, Aix-en-Provence, London, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle, Calgary, Ottawa, Brisbane, Singapore, Dublin and Basel

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