Eco-DISPLAY Classic+ - Real-time Display Counter

Eco-DISPLAY Classic+ - Real-time Display Counter

  • Custom-design
  • An elegant piece of street furniture
  • Large, easy to read display
  • Robust and vandal-resistant


EDCplus S

System Overview

The Eco-DISPLAY Classic+ is an eye-catching and powerful display that makes cyclists and pedestrians a more visible part of the urban landscape.

The counts registered are sent to our online software solution Eco-Visio, where they can be analyzed and shared with the public. Using the ComEth technology, the system can be connected to any Eco-Counter Sensor*. The ComEth-based system also allows for rich ITS integration options.


  • Elegant piece of street furniture
  • Highly customizable display
  • Display visible at night
  • Robust and vandal-resistant
  • Accurate counts on all bike and pedestrian facilities
  • Data available on public webpage


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eco display classic plus izmirS

Display dynamic text to cyclists and pedestrians

Composed of one or several matrix displays, the Eco-DISPLAY Classic+ displays real-time passages that are registered by the counter, with cumulative daily, monthly, or even yearly counts. It can also display scrolling or fixed texts of your choice on each side. Both sides are fully customizable (colors, display areas, scrolling behavior, etc.).

Eco DISPLAY Classic Plus Izmir.1sq

  Izmir, Turkey

The city of Izmir, Turkey, has encouraged for several years its inhabitants to cycle and walk more. The city ranked 1 in the 2017 European Cycling Challenge, meaning its inhabitants cycled more than 855,000 km in total. Deeply engaged to develop active transportation, the city is also committed to collect valuable data to accurately measure pedestrian and bicycle attendance on a dense seaside walkway. o Count data is displayed in real-time on the Eco-DISPLAY Classic+. In addition, dynamic information is conveyed to passers-by, such as daily weather and messages encouraging active transportation. Data collected from the Eco-DISPLAY Classic+ will allow the City of Izmir to capture usage trends and inform future investments in pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure.



Demonstration video

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Eco DISPLAY Classic Plus Izmir.1s

Dimensions: 239  x 46  x 16 cm (94 x 18 x 6.5 inches)

Weight: 110 kg / 242.5 lbs

Operating temperature: -30 °C / +50 °C

Waterproofness: IP 55

Material: Aluminium frame and shock-resistant polycarbonate (Lexan®)

Graffiti-proof and rust-proof powder coating

Display surface:
RGB LED lights - 16 colors
Pixel pitch: 5mm (0.2’’)
Automatic adjustment to ambient light levels
Display surface size: 32 x 16cm (12.5’’ x 6’’), 32 x 32cm (12.5’’ x 12.5’’) or 32 x 64cm (12.5’’ x 25’’)

Power supply: Client must provide 230/110 VAC power supply

Automatic adjustment to ambient light levels


The Eco-DISPLAY Classic+ is an effective and popular communication tool for promoting cycling. Worldwide, there are more than 180 Eco-DISPLAY Classics installed, displaying daily and annual bike counts in real-time. Most recently, this product was installed in New York, Auckland, Montreal, Mexicoand many more.




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