Multi-use - Count pedestrians, cyclists and other trail users

Multi-use - Count pedestrians, cyclists and other trail users



For more than 15 years, Eco-Counter's research and development division has worked exclusively on developing solutions for counting pedestrians and cyclists. Our PYRO family of infrared counting systems can count all users on a multi-use trail without distinction. Our PYRO systems are used across the globe to gather overall attendance figures. However, it can be useful to distinguish between pedestrians and cyclists as these user types often exhibit different patterns of use (by time-of-day or day-of-week). By combining proprietary technologies, Eco-Counter has developed unique solutions that accurately distinguish between different active user types (pedestrians, cyclists, and horse riders) and vehicle types (cars and buses).

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Urban Facilities

Our counting systems are highly adaptable, allowing you to properly measure cyclist demand on mixed roads, bike lanes and bike paths. Our systems can distinguish bikes from motorcycles, cars, buses and pedestrians. Eco-Counter offers the perfect solution for counting on urban bike facilities. Learn more about your active transportation infrastructures.

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Multi-use Trails

For monitoring pedestrian and bicycle demand on multi-use trails, Eco-Counter has developed reliable counters that distinguish between user types, run on batteries making installation simple, and require little maintenance. Our systems integrate well on all types of facilities: paved or unpaved, urban paths or natural trails.

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Parking & Access Roads

The Car/Bus MULTI system can be installed on low-traffic roads to count and differentiate cars from buses. The system is perfectly suited to function in remote locations without easy access to power. The counting system is waterproof, battery operated and it automatically transmits data through the GSM/3G cellular network.

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Eco-Counter systems are designed and manufactured at our facility in France. We are able to customize our counting systems to work with any multi-use facility. Contact us about your counting project, our team will work with you to develop the best counting solution adapted to your objectives and your counting sites.

Discover the entire range of MULTI systems

  • Differentiates between pedestrians and cyclists
  • Permanent
  • Robust and waterproof IP 68
  • Invisible
  • 2 year battery life
  • Differentiates between pedestrians and cyclists
  • Permanent or semi-permanent
  • Highly robust
  • Range up to 6m / 20'
  • 2 year battery life
  • Differentiation between cars and buses
  • Invisible and weatherproof IP68
  • Installation on any road surface
  • Wireless data transmission (GSM/3G)
  • 2 year battery life
  • Bicyle/pedestrian classification
  • Temporary counting
  • Covered width up to 6m
  • Detects direction of travel
  • Stand-alone and battery-powered (10 years)