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24 April 2017
Contribute to the Eco-Counter 2016 Worldwide Cycling Index!
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We are just two months away from Velo-City 2017 in Nijmegen, and are excited to be unveiling the third edition of our Worldwide Cycling Index. This index measures the overall progression of total bicycle traffic by both country and city. To make sure your city makes it into the Index, send us your bicycle count data before May 12th!

The 2015 Worldwide Cycling Index used data from over 218 million bicycle trips in order to analyze an extensive database of bicycle counts. This Index has allowed us to analyze the evolution of bicycle usage in 17 different countries.

Do you have bicycle count data collected with another system than Eco-Counter? Send us your data in an Excel file to make sure your city is represented in the Index! Your contribution will help create a more complete picture of cycling progress worldwide.

Please note: For the analysis, it is important to send at least 6 months of data for one counting point between 2015 and 2016. Please send data in hourly timeslots. Data must be displayed in the following format.

Unidirectional counter

Unidirectional counter

Bidirectional counter

Bidirectional counter

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