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For more than 15 years, Eco-Counter has been dedicated to the development of automated pedestrian and cyclist counting systems.

By specializing exclusively in bike and pedestrian applications, our team has developed the most innovative, quality systems available on the market. Eco-Counter produces a broad range of systems, each designed for different counting needs. Our products have been deployed all over the world: from remote hiking trails to the bike lanes of New York City.

Our solutions allow for accurate counting of pedestrians and cyclists in both urban and natural areas.

Our passion, expertise, and extraordinary customer service have made us the world leader in active user monitoring systems. More than 8000 counting systems have been installed in 48 countries. Eco-Counters are counting right now in Sydney, San Francisco, Mont-Saint-Michel, Santiago de Chile, and Yosemite National Park.

With offices in France and Canada and more than thirty distributors and local partners means Eco-Counter has a truly global network. Our passionate and skilled people are committed to providing the best customer service world-wide.


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  1. Search for contacts in PR of China implemeting eco counting systems. A sino-german financial cooperation project will implement innovative visitor managment system for a large lake in a nature reserve with current more than 1 ,million visitors: Also any experience with recreational boating counting, and combining your system with citizen science?

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