One year of data in Calgary, Canada

It has been one year since we installed an automatic counter on Peace Bridge in Calgary, Canada and so far 1.4 million crossings have been logged in already.

Those figures have and will be helpful to understand, analyze and plan future infrastructures, says the City of Calgary. We could not agree more.

>> Peace Bridge Counter public webpage

>> Full story: Calgary City News Blog

(Picture Credits: DaveBlogg)

The ability to know about your community’s health: the 2nd Street Pedestrian Sensor

Thoughts on public health, active transportation and our famous flashy blue Urban Post in Washington, DC on M. Ted Eytan’s blog.

“In the future, every health system should invest in the ability to know about the health determinants of the communities they serve, and those investments should be visible to the people who live in them.”

Source: Ted Eytan’s Blog

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